Why David Beckham is still missed in the English game


As David Beckham left the Old Trafford pitch with a tear in his eye, something in the English game seemed to click back into place again.

Beckham has been away from England for nearly 7 years now but when he arrived into the action as a 64th minute substitute, it was like he had never been away.

There is still something quintessentially British about Beckham and it’s clear that his adulation for the Manchester United fans has not diminished at all. A scorching volley minutes after being on the pitch further showed he still hasn’t lost his magic touch and I think the way Beckham acted like a model professional tonight could be a pivotal moment to whether he is on the plane to South Africa in the summer or not.

The way Beckham struggled to hold back the tears in his post-match interview meant the vast criticism he had received for his big money move to LA Galaxy suddenly took a huge back seat. The reception he got from the Reds’ fans shows the respect between the parties is mutual and his icon status shows no sign of disappearing any time soon.

Growing up watching football in the ’90s means Beckham will always be a legend in my eyes. The fantastic free kicks, his goal from the halfway line and even his extravagant hairstyles make David Beckham who he is, an integral part of the English game who’s void has never truly been filled since 2003.

Although he is now in the twilight of his career, he’s still the same charismatic cheeky chappy the country fell in love with during the nineties. I sure hope I’m not on my own in saying that I’ll be putting my hands together and praying that he gets one final chance to showcase his talents on the most illustrious stage of all.

David Beckham needs England and England needs David Beckham.

  1. Beckahm has to go SA, he’s the only right mid we have thats fully proven himself as world class.

  2. Do England really need Beckham? We managed a whole qualifying campaign without him playing a major role and he’s only going to be a benchwarmer at the World Cup. I do agree that he still has the iconic factor about him, and as a 90’s child myself he is and always will be a legend to me as well.

  3. Great article and I very much agree.

    Beckham was the best English player for a generation and apart from Keegan and Lineker, probably England’s finest player ever to play abroad.

    Absolute hero.

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