Formula One 2010 – Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear ..

Alonso cruised to an insomnia curing win in Bahrain

If the Bahrain Grand Prix is anything to go by, the 2010 Formula One season could be one of the biggest disappointments in living memory.

With a number of cars on the grid who are tampered with huge reliability issues and severely off the pace, a clear gulf emerged after only a lap in Bahrain. None more than the Hispanic Racing team who were unsure if they were even going to compete on Friday. and their drivers seemed to live up to the team’s lack of confidence and managed just twenty laps between them.

This is one of the problems, but nowhere near the biggest one. That honour goes to the rule changes, what were the FIA thinking?

The cars are no longer allowed to refuel and the only time they will come into the pits is when they need a change of tyres. This makes genius strategists like Ross Brawn seem absolutely worthless as they have no opportunity to deploy their clever jump tactics or strategies.

This is nowhere near the end of my rant either. By having to look after sets of tyres with the fear of compromising their starting strategy, flamboyant driving has basically been outlawed. Extravagant drivers like Lewis Hamilton are not allowed to showcase the best of their talents which also will have a knock-on effect of less overtaking and general exciting race tactics.

I’m thankful I was able to flick over to watch the IPL as there is no way I could have sat down and watched all 47 laps of that.

The race itself climaxed in the trademark image of the 90’s, two red cars crossing the line first. Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa profiting from a broken exhaust on the car of Sebastien Vettel, who was definitely the most deserving winner on the grid.

So after waiting five months for the start of the season, I’m sat here wondering just why. In it’s defence Bahrain is anything but an exciting track but I can’t see how these new rule changes and new teams are going to contribute to anything but a terrible 2010 season.

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