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Image Skills Test

For my image skills test I chose to take a picture of Preston’s Town Hall, the building where the Preston City Council is housed. I felt this would be a good picture as it is a very photogenic building and is reflected very well in all the required crops.

Original Photo

100x100 Thumbnail

400x300 Crop

500x200 Crop


Mark Payton On Online Opportunities

Mark Payton is the digital editorial director of Haymarket Consumer Media and has responsibility for the editorial quality of the company’s growing portfolio of online websites.

Haymarket Consumer Media own a number of brand leading print and online magazines including Four Four Two and What Car?

Here Mark talks about his enthusiasm for the endless possibilities of online media and how it has helped the company to accommodate individual consumer’s needs with relative ease.

Maps Skills Test

This is my online submission for the Maps Skills test part of my JN2053 module.

I took four stories from the 13th October 2010 edition of the Lancashire Evening Post where I felt the location was relevant and put them onto the map. I also used custom icons to make the map not only look more visually appealing but also to make it far easier to navigate and more user friendly. I also added an image to the Lancaster Infirmary story from a Creative Commons source.

My First Google Maps Attempt

This is my first attempt at a custom Google Maps as I work towards the maps skills test of my JN2053 module. The map contains three landmarks in Preston as well as three opposition stadiums that the city’s football club Preston North End will travel to this season.