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Audio Skills Test

For my audio skills test I chose to interview Preston North End fans before their home game with Hull City on Friday 12th November. Before the match the side sat second bottom of the table and without a win in four games and I asked them their views on what has gone wrong this season.

Audio Skills Test by tbowers1


Data Skills Test

Using data obtained from the Guardian Data Store I chose to present a graph on the fall of the number of pubs in the UK in the last 30 years.

As part of their 2010 General Election manifesto the Labour Party pledged to help protect Britain’s pubs following a significant number of closures as the country descended into recession during the party’s time in office.

The closures were a result of the availability of less disposable income ┬áto the British consumer and with spending plummeting the country’s pubs were the one of the first institutions to suffer.

In truth the Conservatives and Labour parties have overseen a near identical amount of closures during their time in power but with the most dramatic amount taking place in the last four years.

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Download the Labour Party 2010 Manifesto (Pub pledges on page 48)

Video Skills Test

For my video skills test I chose to interview my house mate David Brown on his thoughts about his football team Everton in the current football season. I used a mid-range shot and included an Everton calendar behind David to make for a more interesting and relevant background.

Data Mock Test

Using government data on the amount of football related arrests I have produced a graph detailing the five worst offending teams when it comes to ticket touting. I used a pie chart to present my data as I feel it provides the best visual intepretation of this data.